"At this very moment on stage, we have Drummer A playing in 7/8, Drummer B playing in 3/4, the bass playing in 3/4, the organ playing in 5/8, the tambourine playing in 3/4, and the alto sax blowing his nose."

This album is one of Frank Zappa's most experimental albums. The music is often extreme and wild, but always under Zappa's strick regulation. The only significant issue is that the live pieces are badly recorded.
In 1969 Zappa decided to disolve the 'Mothers Of Invention',mainly because of money issues and from july to september Zappa recorded his first solo record with Ex-Mother and multinstrumentalist Ian Underwood, Don Sugarcane Harris and guests. Zappa had always recorded a lot for his private archives and for the rest of the year he released 'Mothers' material from 1968 and 1969 for the release of two records: 'Burnt Weeny Sandwich' (released in dec.1969) and 'Weasels Ripped My Flesh' (released in Feb 1970). Despite the fact that each records include older material, the tracks are no leftovers however carefully assembled masterpices, edited often from several source tracks(live and studio), spiced with the standard Zappa humour. 'BWS' represents more the neo- classical Zappa side, 'WRMF' the Free-Jazz inspired side.

Most of the music on here are undeniable noodling and awkward noise-making, though this seems to be more a product of the Mothers of Invention than anything else. A wonderful transitional album from early Mothers insanity and solo Zappa's targeted complexity, Weasels ends up being a difficult one to start with but an indispensable effort for experimental Zappa fans.

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