U.M.R.K. (Utility Muffin Research Kitchen)

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Utility Muffin Research Kitchen

The Utility Muffin Research Kitchen (UMRK) was the name of the recording studio that Frank Zappa had built and used extensively at his home for many of his musical recordings. The studio was completed on September 1, 1979 and the recording of several songs that were eventually released on the album You Are What You Is began in July 1980.
The first known mention of "Utility Muffin Research Kitchen" was in the 1975 song "Muffin Man" on the album Bongo Fury.

In the conclusion of Zappa's Joe's Garage, Joe, the protagonist gives in to conformity and gets a job on the assembly line at the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen; the narration describing his job there is identical to the opening narration from "Muffin Man".

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