Animation:The Amazing Mr. Bickford

The Amazing Mr. Bickford
Zappa created this video “The Amazing Mr. Bickford” in 1987, which was completely composed of 1978 Bickford animations set to a soundtrack of Zappa’s orchestral music.

If you're somebody who considers animation an art form, this short (about 60 minutes)video is designed for you . The video centers on Bruce Bickford, who in actual fact was tapped to produce some animated sequences for Frank Zappa's TV project, 'A Token Of His Extreme' (1975), and later produced the clay animated footage in Zappa's videos, 'The Dub Room Special' (1981), and 'Baby Snakes' (1978). This video contains footage from all of the above, and also some early animated shorts. What makes this video even more wanted is some orchestral Zappa music which was added particular for this video project.

A most awesome approach to clay animation.Very detailed and  wild ride of continuous transformations from amorphous shapes to sharp concentrated scenes and conflicts.... be forwarned that the imagery is compelling, but deeply upsetting. The soundtrack, all Zappa, is from the atonal, dissonant orchestral perspective.... definitely recommended for fellow artists and musicians.

Bruce Bickford
Frank Zappa

Also appearing on a TV screen in the background:
George Duke
Ruth Underwood
Napoleon Murphy Brock

Written, produced, directed & music composed by FZ
Animation scenarios by Bruce Bickford & FZ
Animation photography by Karl Krogstadt & Bruce Bickford
Additional cinematography by Rob Leacock
Clay, cardboard & line animation by Bruce Bickford

The music heard:
Naval Aviation In Art (from The Perfect Stranger)
Mo 'n Herb's Vacation (from London Symphony Orchestra Vol. I & II)
Dupree's Paradise (from The Perfect Stranger)
The Perfect Stranger (from The Perfect Stranger)
Animation:The Amazing Mr. Bickford Animation:The Amazing Mr. Bickford Reviewed by frank zappa newspaper on 15:58 Rating: 5

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