Documentary: Uncle Meat (video), full film

Here is a documentary about an incomplete film Uncle Meat.Film is written and directed by Frank Zappa, released straight to video in September 15, 1987 (or January 15, 1988). Main photography having never been finished, the videocassette is in fact a "making of" documentary showing rehearsals and background footage from 1968 and interviews with individuals associated with the uncompleted production.

Phyllis Smith Altenhaus as Herself/Sheba Flieschman (as Phyllis Altenhaus)
Dick Barber as Himself
Massimo Bassoli as Adult Minnesota Tishman
Rodney Bingenheimer as Himself
Jimmy Carl Black as Himself
Ray Collins as Himself/Bill Yards
Aynsley Dunbar as Himself/Biff Junior
Roy Estrada as Himself
Francesca Fisher as The Countess
Bunk Gardner as Himself
Buzz Gardner as Himself
Lowell George as Himself
Dick Kunc as Himself
Manfred Lerch as Himself
C. Mercedes Lewis as Girl Who Was A Sofa
Sal Lombardo as Himself
Meredith Monk as Red Face Girl
Billy Mundi as Rollo
Janet Neville-Ferguson as Herself
Don Preston as Himself/ Biff Debris/Uncle Meat
Fritz Rau as Himself
Linda Ronstadt as Herself
Cal Schenkel as Himself
Euclid James 'Motorhead' Sherwood as Himself
Stumuk as Elderly Biff Debris
Arthur Dyer Tripp III as Himself
Ian Underwood as Himself
Haskell Wexler as Himself
Tom Wilson as Himself
Annie Zannas as Herself
Carl Zappa as Young Minnesota Tishman
Frank Zappa as Himself/The Imaginary Director

Uncle Meat film 

Uncle Meat: Main Title Theme (from Uncle Meat)
Holiday In Berlin (from Ahead Of Their Time)
The Rejected Mexican Pope Leaves The Stage (from Ahead Of Their Time)
Undaunted, The Band Plays On (from Ahead Of Their Time)
Agency Man (from Ahead Of Their Time)
Epilogue (from Ahead Of Their Time)
Holiday In Berlin, Full Blown (from Burnt Weeny Sandwich)
Mr Green Genes (from Uncle Meat)
Unidentified Synclavier Music
Mother People (from We're Only In It For The Money re-mix)
The Bun
I'm Using The Chicken To Measure It
Tengo Na Minchia Tanta (from Uncle Meat CD)
The Arrangement
I'm Not Satisfied (from Cruising With Ruben & The Jets re-mix)

Interview in Oz, July, 1969 with Frank Zappa about Uncle Meat film.

To begin with could you tell us something about the film you’ve made?
We made a movie called ‘Uncle Meat’. It’s got a lot of pictures of the Mothers in it, it also has a very strange plot which will require some straight-life-type actors to execute and we need some more money to finish it.

Isn't the plot explained on the sleeve of the Uncle Meat LP?
The beginning and the end is in there – the middle isn’t.

Was the album written with the film in mind?
It’s quite possible to make a film to match music, so I made some music and I made up the story line around it.

Basically what sort of a film is it?
It’s a fantasy film with political and sociological overtones!

Sounds very deep. Is it?
Yeh, quite.

And we are all going to be able to see it?
We’ve got a couple of negotiations with people trying to raise the money to do it but it isn’t that easy – you can’t just come out and say ‘Fred, will you give me the money?’ He says ‘OK’ and then you go and make it. It’s really involved with a lot of paper work and bullshit.
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