Zappa's Best TV show

Time For Beany for FZ

For those that don’t already know it, Frank Zappa was huge fan of Time For Beany and told TV Guide that it was his chosen TV show. Time for Beany is an US TV  series, with puppets for figures, which aired locally in Los Angeles beginning in 1949 and nationally (via kinescope) on the improvised Paramount Television Network from 1950 to 1955. It was developed by animator Bob Clampett, who later on reused its primary characters in the animated Beany and Cecil tv series. The show received three Primetime Emmy Awards for best children's show.

(Frank Zappa in The Lost Interview)
"And the thing that I like about Albert Einstein and I hope it's not an apocryphal story. He liked the television show that I liked, which was "Time For Beany". I heard a story that he left an important meeting one time telling the people he had to go watch "Time For Beany". And I hope that's true."

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