How to burn your guitar like Jimi Hendrix??

The first time Jimi attempted to burn his guitar (London Astoria, March 31st 1967), he gone through hand burns and was hospitalized. Despite having bruised his self confidence a bit, the move created Jimi Hendrix extremely popular globally as an icon of that swinging generation. Then Jimi successfully burned his guitar at the 1968 Miami Pop Festival.

“those times i burned my guitar it was like a sacrifice. we all burn things we love. i love my guitar”_ Jimi Hendrix_

In a 1993 interview for Guitarist magazine Frank Zappa was questioned about the guitar.

How did you come to own your fire-damaged ex-Jimi Hendrix Strat?
Frank Zappa:
“Well, there was this guy named Howard Parker – they called him ‘H’ – who was Hendrix’s roadie, gofer and general assistant. He stayed at our house for a couple of months in the late ’60s, and he had this guitar which Hendrix had given to him – I thought it was from the Miami concert. He gave it to me and we had it hanging on the wall as a decoration for years and years, and then I met some guys who were capable of putting guitars back together, so I had it done.”“I’ve used it on a couple of tracks, although I can’t remember which ones off-hand. I haven’t played it all that often, because unless you’re in the right environment and you’re standing in exactly the right relationship to the amplifier, it likes to feed back all the time.” 
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