Listen To Rod Stewart Performing On Zappa-Produced Debut

In late '60s Zappa put together as much bizarre acts as he could find and created his own record companies (Bizarre, Straight) together with his then-manager Herb Cohen. Among the Zappa proteges were Tim Buckley, Tom Waits,, Alice Cooper ,Zappa's high school friend, Don Van Vliet with stage name Captain Beefheart and The GTO's (Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart performed without credit on their Zappa-produced debut).

Rod Stewart on GTO's album

Could you talk briefly about your production of the GTO's album?

I'll tell you what, why don't we save that aspect of it 'til later because the first part of the lawsuit between Warner Brothers and Herb Cohen and myself has been settled and as part of that I'm going to be getting all those masters and I'm going to re-release the GTO's and Wild Man Fischer albums. And I'd rather talk about that when the albums come out. But I will mention that the GTO's album was pretty far ahead of its time in terms of what was going on in it and it has some interesting sidemen on it like Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck. I knew Jeff's work and he just happened to be in Los Angeles and that's when Rod Stewart was the lead singer of his band. And they came over to the house and I asked them if they'd do something on the GTO's record.

Here is the song. 

At the time Paulin Butcher join Zappas in ramshackle log cab the place was filled with Frank’s entourage of self-styled “freaks”, music artists, hangers-on and adoring females such as Pam Zarubica, called Suzy Creamcheese, and Cynthia Plaster Caster, who made casts of rock stars’ private parts. There she met Mick Jagger, his then girlfriend Marianne Faithfull, Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck, Linda Ronstadt and Captain Beefheart. Mick amazed Pauline with his cleverness but she says Rod and Jeff were “Jack the lad” boys.
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