"Bobby Brown Goes Down" in »A Call Girl« movie

Slovenian film:A Call Girl

Here is a scene from the 2009 Slovenian film A Call Girl also called Slovenka or Slovenian Girl. Movie is directed by Damjan Kozole.This is the scene where Aleksandra's dad Edo (suicidal man who only lives for his child) gets his group together again and perform "Bobby Brown Goes Down" by FZ.

Alexandra is a 23-year-old student from Krško, a little town in Slovenia, while she studies the English language in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Nobody recognizes that she runs personal ads under the nickname, “Slovenka” and that prostitution is her hidden income source. She falls further and further behind on payments. Regardless of how many clients she has, it is not enough to sustain the payments. Her academics suffer also. She gets desperate to the point here she needs to manipulate a professor to give her a passing grade for an exam. She lies to everybody: her consumers, her professors, the bank teller, her friends, and her father.   Aleksandra's parents are divorced.

She is an accomplished liar, good at manipulating others and a bit of a thief. Her dream is to escape the banality of her home town and settle in the big city, but her clandestine job leads her to a dangerous encounter with neighborhood lawbreakers.

"Bobby Brown Goes Down" in »A Call Girl« movie "Bobby Brown Goes Down" in »A Call Girl« movie Reviewed by Klemen Hlupič on 04:58 Rating: 5

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