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The Secret Word For Tonight

"Thanks for coming, what's the secret word for tonight? "


The idea of The Secret Word For Tonight intended that at the start of a concert that word was mentioned – either by Frank Zappa or perhaps by the audience – and could appear at every moment throughout the show, being a special challenge for the group and fun for the audiences.

Many of the band had worked with Frank for quite a while, which resulted in a lot more relaxed, free-form attitude on stage. This led to lots of "secret word" shenanigans, with band members routinely changing the lyrics to (somewhat tired) tunes to make the other band members have fun.

 Listen to this gig and find out the secret word !

 Secret words:
 1971 06 05 New York City, NT - Mudshark

1973 05 18 Uniondale, NY -  Hoagie

1980 06 11L Paris -  She's Not There

1979 02 13 Newcastle – Stupit

1984 12 23 Los Angeles, CA - Hi -Ho Silver

Can you remember some special secret word?
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  1. im looking for the gig where the word apoganza keeps getting mentioned?


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