FRANK ZAPPA-Dancin' Fool

A pastiche that reiterated the idea found in the 1976 song "Disco Boy," but this time over a genuine disco beat, "Dancin' Fool" became a surprise hit single in American and European discotheques and one of the most largely known Frank Zappa songs.

FRANK ZAPPA-Dancin' Fool
"Dancin' Fool" is  on his 1979 album Sheik Yerbouti. It was the first of two singles released for the album, followed by the secondly single Bobby Brown (Goes Down). The song premiered on stage at some time around Halloween in 1975, but was solely part of the live set for ninety days; typically it was presented alongside "Approximate", as the two songs presented an strange contrast and Zappa embraced oddities. Similar to Zoot Allures' closing track "Disco Boy", it mocks the disco tradition of the 1970s, but contrary to "Disco Boy", the song instantly targets the dancing aspect of the culture. Specifically, the personality Zappa is singing as are unable to help but dance, despite how terrible is he at it. He refers to his dancing as "social suicide" and says "the beat goes on and I'm so wrong." Soon, it inspired crazy dance moves to mock disco dancers, and this was especially relevant, as disco was on its decline. "Dancin' Fool" charted at forty-five on the U.S. charts, making it Zappa's 2nd highest charting single, behind his 1982 song, Valley Girl. The song was nominated for the Grammy award for "Best Male Vocal", but did not win. It was put onto Zappa's best of Strictly Commercial.
 After the disco craze faded out, Zappa brought it back for the 1982, 1984, and 1988 tours. A very commercial tune indeed, it appeared on the "best-of" set Strictly Commercial.

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