Phone Call to Varèse

Varèses  wife, Louise, answered the phone
On Franks fifteenth birthday, his mom stated she would spend five dollars on him, and asked him what he wished. He said, "Well, instead of buying me something, why don't you just let me make a long-distance phone call?" (No one in Zappas home had ever made a long-distance telephone call.)
Frank made a decision that he would contact Edgard Varèse. Zappa deduced that somebody who looked like a angry scientist could only live in a place named Greenwich Village. So he called New York information and wanted to know if they had a listing for Edgard Varèse. Of course, they did. They even provided him the home address: 188 Sullivan Street.
His wife, Louise, answered the telephone. She told to Frank that he wasn't there. She said he was in Brussels creating a composition for the World's Fair ("Poème électronique") and suggested he call back in a few weeks. Frank: "I don't remember exactly what I said when I finally spoke to him -- probably something articulate like "Gee -- I really dig your music.""
Varèse explained that he was focusing on a new piece called "Déserts," which thrilled Frank since Lancaster, California, was in the desert.
Later, Frank wrote a letter to Varèse...
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