Soundtrack: Run Home Slow

By 1959 Zappa had gained the companionship of English professor Don Cerveris, who had put together an absurd low-cost cowboy movie connected with an awful ranch woman, a nympho cowgirl, a hunchback handyman and sexual union beside a rotting donkey.

It was named Run Home Slow, for which Zappa was commissioned to record a soundtrack. He finished it, but the project was put off for quite a while, it finally went into production in 1963 (and was launched in 1965). So, this was Zappa's first recording experience with an orchestra(engineered by Paul Buff, at Art Laboe's Original Sound in Hollywood).
The primary title theme is very rhythmical with a slow dissonant melody on brass musical instruments. It shares certain similarities with the starting theme from Lumpy Gravy and already indicates the composer's fondness for mallet percussion and unusual time signatures.
Franks first orchestra experience
The movie was finally produced and directed by Ted Brenner(alternate name:Tim Sullivan), starred Mercedes McCambridge. The income from this project Zappa used to purchase an electric guitar (PS5 GibsonSwitchMaster)and the Pal Recording Studio in Cucamonga. Pal was re-named 'STUDIO Z.'

The original recording of this piece and short orchestral cues used in the movie were introduced in 1996 on The Lost Episodes. "Run Home Slow" and a second excerpt from the score titled "The Little March" were sometimes performed by the early Mothers of Invention. A recording of both from 1969 are available on You Can't Do That onStage Anymore, Vol. 5. Arranged for a rock group and presented at a quicker tempo.

Soundtrack has also appeared on:

Strictly Genteel
The Old Masters Box One Mystery Disc
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention (Transparency)
The Lumpy Money Project/Object (2009)

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