Letter of Protest to Ronald Reagan

During the PMRC debates Zappa wrote Reagan a letter of protest . He received no reply.

Frank Zappa :"Untouchables":

Okay - let's look at some mug-sheets of the suspects from the 80's

REAGAN! You're asleep! Wake up! The country's in a mess!
You're anyway out in the way, buddy
You're history - you're meat - you're through!
You're vapor - you're baloney without the mayo, buddy!
You're outta here - In fact, it's Robin Leach instead!

I don't know why.
Letter of protest

FZ:"The fact of the matter is that if I do an album that has any kind of a vocal on it from now on, the chances are that that vocal is going to be about a sociological or political topic. For example, I thought of one that I want to do just the other day called "Lie To Me," which would deal with a catalog of everything that the Reagan administration has been able to get away with for the last six years. That would be a worthwhile thing to stick in there."
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