Two terrible guys (Ami Hadani & Tom Hidley)

The world's most patient engineers for album Freak Out! (Ami Hadani & Tom Hidley) are creators of TTG Studios in Los Angeles. The album was recorded there in 1966.

In the TTG Studios

As a result of its high decibel level threshold, their studio started to be popular with the up-and-coming musicians rock musicians of that time, including The Monkees, Eric Burdon, Frank Zappa with The Mothers of Invention, Alice Cooper, Jimi Hendrix. Certain parts of The Velvet Underground & Nico were recorded at TTG Studios.

"TTG" stood for "two terrible guys". Hadani & Hidley

Tom Hidley was born May 27, 1931 in Los Angeles, California. As a teenager, he spent long hours playing the saxophone, clarinet, and flute, until ordered to cease by his physician after a physical breakdown. He then explored non-performance areas of music, and spend nights recording at clubs and days working at loudspeaker and tape-machine organizations.

Hidley is the first to admit that he was studying as he went there were no books and very little research on studio acoustic design in those days so every new room evolved through trial and error from earlier ones. However, the influence of his pioneering acoustic models could be seen across the recording studio world 40 years on. For instance, Hidley introduced the concept of soffit-mounted monitors, the use of moving glass doors between live and isolation rooms, and he even established the term 'bass trap' which was just in 1969!

In line with Bruce Botnick, Ami Hadani was a General in the Israel Air Force, and needed to leave for weeks at a time while Israel was at war. In late sixties Hadani often worked with producer Tom Wilson on MGM/Verve recording sessions. Besides engineering the sound in music industry Hadani spend some years working on film soundtracks too. He died in September 2014 in Los Angeles.

Two terrible guys were the duo who as well created & built systems at Record Plant, Los Angeles for Gary Kellgren.

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  1. TTG was NOT 'two terrible guys'. this is apocryphal.
    It was a term used to hide the activities of the Jewish Brigade in post WWII Europe. They posted TTG signs to direct Jewish refugees they were smuggling to British occupied Palestine. It stands for Tilhas Teezee Gescheften- an Arabic and Yddish mixture, Israeli slang, meaning 'kiss my ass business'.
    Ami Hadani was a member of the Brigade.


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