FZ guest star on Miami Vice

FZ played a role in a well-known American TV show about police officers who fought against criminal drug business and organized crooks named "Miami Vice". In this 48 minutes long show Zappa took part for 5 minutes. This was the episode "Payback" (March fourteen, 1986) where he had the role of drug dealer named Mario Fuente. He accepted to take the part due to the fact that his son Dweezil Zappa was an admirer of the show. Zappa personally despised the program.

Miami Vice

Taking into consideration just how famously anti-drug Frank Zappa was we really like that he indulges in the part of a reputable drug dealer in the episode. Frank stars as Mario Fuente, a big league dealer of "weasel dust" who accuses Crockett of stealing "three million of (his) favorite dollars.

Frank Zappa was one of the many musical guest stars to be displayed on Miami Vice including El DeBarge, Little Richard, The Fat Boys, Willie Nelson and Miles Davis.

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