Captain Beefheart vs. The Grunt People

Original Story and Screenplay by Frank Zappa,
1964 version
1969 version
94 pages

This screenplay is printed on 94 one sided pages – approx. 258 scenes
as well as a feature-length film, presently in script structure, written by Zappa in 1964.

Zappa had a recording studio in Cucamonga, California. He visited an auction at a location known as the FK Rocket Studios in Hollywood. This was 1962. And for $50, he got a whole bunch of movie sets. Frank trucked it out of there and brought it back to Cucamonga and decided to make an independent film. Name of the movie was Captain Beefheart Vs. The Grunt People.

In the back of the studio, close to the toilet, Zappa constructed a completely implausible, two-dimensional, cardboard rocket ship. He colored all the sets by himself and wrote a script based on the people and facilities available at the time: Captain Beefheart vs. the Grunt People.

Rocket ship

Captain Beefheart was a character that Frank created for the movie. His name comes from one of Don Vliet's family who looked like Harry Truman. He used to piss with the door open when Don's sweetheart walked by and make comments on how his whizzer looked the same as a beef heart.

FZ's "ideal cast" contains parts for, Don Van Vliet, Chester Burnett, also known as Howlin' Wolf, some the Mothers of Invention, and Grace Slick.

 If anyone had shown interest in the film, FZ would possibly never have played rock and roll.
Rejection of screen play

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