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Why is instrumental music irrelevant ??

....from Zappa's The RealFrank Zappa Book (1989)…
"My lyrics are there for entertainment purposes only--not to be taken internally. Some of them are truly stupid, some are slightly less stupid and a few of them are sort of funny. Apart from the snide political stuff, which I enjoy writing, the rest of the lyrics wouldn't exist at all if it weren't for the fact that we live in a society where instrumental music is irrelevant--so if a guy expects to earn a living by providing musical entertainment for folks in the U.S.A., he'd better figure out how to do something with a human voice plopped on it."
its all instrumental
Apearently  FZ recorded  many instrumental tracks  and even albums.  
Synclavier  based albums  Francesco Zappa released in 1984, and Jazz From Hell released in 1986 (also a Grammy Award-winning album for Best Rock Instrumental Performance) are all instrumental.
And the orchestral albums Orchestral Favorites, 200 Motels, Lumpy Gravy, London Symphony Orchestra are almost all instrumental.

Check out this list of most common instrumental  tunes composed by great FZ.

Revised Music for Guitar and Low-Budget Orchestra
Big Swifty
King Kong from Uncle Meat
ON THE BUS,...from Joe's Garage, Act 1
The Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue
Twenty Small Cigars
We Are Not Alone
Blessed Relief
Regyptian Strut
Transylvania Boogie
The Clap
Igor's Boogie
Theme From Burnt Weenie Sandwich

If you miss your favorite instrumental song , you should write it in comments!

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  1. Instrumentals was always Zappa's strongest side. I just love all the great guitar solo's he played. Amazing stuff that always impresses me!


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  3. I wish , I could be there with Frank in that plane .To seat next to him and talk with him. Miss FZ !


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