Discography- Apostrophe (') album

Recording Studios: ElectricLady, NYC, Bolic, Inglewood, Paramount, Hollywood
Released: March 1974
Engineers: Steve Desper, Terry Dunavan, Barry Keene, Bob Hughes, Kerry McNab
Produced, Arranged & Struggled with Frank Zappa
Graphics: Cal Schenkel
Front Photo: Emerson-Loew
Apostrophe (')

After Overnite-Sensation, Frank introduced Apostrophe ('), which happens to be very much in the same vein as O.S. in that the compositions are extremely technical and the tunes are just as crazy.

Apostrophe (') features Cream's bass legend Jack Bruce on a near 6 minute instrumental that emphasizes his distorted bass a lot more than any Cream track ever did. Jack's presence gives this a very bluesy sense. Zappa's solos on this album are probably his fastest studio solos, and they are performed incredibly on a wah drenched guitar.

Zappa had his first true commercial achievement with his earlier album "Overnight Sensation" and "Apostrophe" would follow up with more innovative songs, particularly "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow" which would actually get him a significant amount of radio airplay.


Side one

1.         "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow" 2:07
2.         "Nanook Rubs It" 4:38
3.         "St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast" 1:50
4.         "Father O'Blivion" 2:18
5.         "Cosmik Debris" 4:14
Side two

1.         "Excentrifugal Forz" 1:33
2.         "Apostrophe'" Frank Zappa, Jim Gordon and Jack Bruce          5:50
3.         "Uncle Remus" Frank Zappa and George Duke      2:44
4.         "Stink-Foot" 6:33

The album is parody on the whole idea of rock operas, as this album tells the touching story of an Eskimo called Nanook. Music is heavily based on blues/blues-rock with some brass rock arrangements and terrific solos, usually of free style. Even if album is quite short and the majority of songs are short also, all music appears as one blues-fusion-avant opera… Album Apostrophe (') is great fun and there is some fantastic music here. But let's be honest, this release was used to finance more serious works…..

The fusion-rock of Cosmik Debris, the free-form jamming of Apostrophe, the doo-wop parody of Uncle Remus, and the darkish funk of Stink Foot...it's all over the map, but it never loses your thoughts or makes you scratch your head, in contrast to previous Zappa albums.

Frank Zappa – vocals, guitar, bass, bouzouki
Lynn – vocals, backing vocals
Robert "Frog" Camarena – vocals, backing vocals
George Duke – keyboards, backing vocals
Ruben Ladron de Guevara – vocals, backing vocals
Debbie – vocals, backing vocals
Ray Collins – backing vocals
Sue Glover – backing vocals
Kerry McNabb – backing vocals, engineer, remixing
Sal Marquez – trumpet
Tony Duran – rhythm guitar
Ian Underwood – saxophone
Napoleon Murphy Brock – saxophone, backing vocals
Erroneous (Alex Dmochowski) – bass guitar
Bruce Fowler – trombone
Don "Sugarcane" Harris – violin
Jean-Luc Ponty – violin
Ruth Underwood – percussion
Tom Fowler – bass guitar
Jack Bruce – bass on "Apostrophe'"
Aynsley Dunbar – drums
Ralph Humphrey – drums
Johnny Guerin – drums
Jim Gordon – drums on "Apostrophe" and "Excentrifugal Forz"

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