"Cocaine Decisions"

Cocaine Decisions-The Man From Utopia, 
The starting track on the 1983 album The Man From Utopia, "Cocaine Decisions" marks the culmination in Frank Zappa's discussion of drugs in the early '80s, after "Charlie's Enormous Mouth" (You Are What You Is, 1981) and "I Come From Nowhere" (Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch, 1982). Here he colleagues coke with the yuppie daily life. This specific drug started to be particularly popular, even "in" among young professionals and executives in the early '80s. Zappa's anti-drug position was not new, but throughout these years he frequently reaffirmed it. In some points of the tune it seems the composer targets more particular people. Couldn't the lines "But if you are wasted/what you do 'n' what you say/Affects my life in such a way/I learn to hate it every minute!" be directed at some record firm managers and concert entrepreneurs? In any case, the message clearly supersedes the music in terms of attraction for this straight rock song.
“Cocaine Decisions,” is a simple song with a nice harmonica part by Craig “Twister” Steward that punctuates the folksy tempo and appearance. Zappa always had time with his material to ridicule drug use and users, although with this song, he discloses his personal animus toward cocaine. He observed the ripple results of cocaine use not only in the music industry, but the world over, from hypocritical political figures to doctors and lawyers.The song  premiered on-stage in September 1981, at the start of a tour, and lasted until the end of the 1984 series of shows. It was always followed by "Nig Biz." The concert documenting included on You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 3 arises from the last 1982 show in Palermo (Italy). A riot began right during "Cocaine Decisions" (you can hear a teargas grenade explode), hence the illustration at the back of the LP (and CD booklet).

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