FRANK ZAPPA in Barcelona 1988

While I have yet to figure out a mint copy of Frank Zappa’s Best Band’s May 17th, 1988 concert in Barcelona, Spain, that really does justice to their efficiency, there are still clips on YouTube which are worth watching – particularly those which emphasize the particular skills of the horn section: Paul Carman (saxophone), Bruce Fowler (trombone), Walt Fowler (trumpet, flugel horn), Albert Wing (saxophone), and the late Kurt McGettrick (saxophone, clarinet). In the following three clips – “Black Napkins”, “Strictly Genteel” and “Bolero” – the horn section certainly shines

This really is an important Zappa release. It features the legendary lineup from The Best band you never heard in your life packed with first class musicians for example... well all of them. If there was something that Zappa knew how to do was to gather the most competent people around his projects and obtaining the best out of them.Frank Zappa, Ike Willis and Tommy Martin share the vocals performing the various figures on the songs. Sometimes is difficult to imagine that a guy like Tommy Martin is singing parody songs because his voice is awesome. In my view the stars of the band are the brass section, Bruce Fowler and Kurt McGetrick provide impressive solos in Black Napkins and The torture Never Stops. The track selection is very varied featuring songs from each Zappa period.In addition to that, this guys make the viewer spend a good time during their 2 hours stare at the TV because there are hilarious numbers as Jesus thinks you are a jerk and a fantastic version of I am the Walrus, even a little improv over the Bonanza theme! Also if you are searching for emotional moments there is a version of Watermelon in Easter Hay that will make you weep like a child. Suming up this is a DVD in which we can appreciate that Frank Zappa close to the end of his career still was capable of providing one hell of a show.If you are a newbie to Frank Zappa this release is a must have, you will become a Zappa freak after watching it. 

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