Documentary-Frank Zappa A Pioneer Of Future Music

Documentary is directed by Frank Scheffer, “Frank Zappa–Pioneer Of Future Music” (2007) is a two part documentary which combined and re-edited footage and interviews from “Frank Zappa: The Present Day Composer Refuses to Die” (2000) and “Frank Zappa: Phaze II, The Big Note” (2002).

Part one of this Frank Zappa's documentary described more of his early beginnings and unimaginable achievements in his complete musical career. Gathered here are some of his famous fellow jazz-rock music artists. George Duke, Napoleon Murphy Brown, Terry Bozzio, Tom Fowler, Ian Underwood, Steve Vai and more. On Part 2 are some of his highlights of turning into a famous jazz-rock artist. Among his closest friends were exclusively interviewed and labeled him as the most prolific Jazz-Rock guitarist ever lived since Jimi Hendrix. Dweezil - his son and wife Gail were also interviewed here. Those who really want to discover more of Frank Zappa's life. This dvd is a must. Both dvd lasted for almost 2 hours of Frank Zappa's very colorful life.

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