Frank Zappa And George Carlin: humanity (video)

Our tendencies toward self-destruction are only part of the human condition. The rest is straightforward. One the surface, we want to be happy and co-exist peacefully. Will our conscious desires for happiness win over our unconscious bend toward extinction? It seems like a race against time. When will we wake up from our delusion that all is well?

There is evidence of our willingness to destroy ourselves, slowly or quickly, on too many levels to ignore

As a species, human beings:

• Destroy our planet while gloating in corporate profits
• Destroy our bodies while enjoying toxic amounts of alcohol, tobacco, food and drugs
• Abuse our children
• Poison our food and water supply
• Continue a history of war, genocide, slavery, human trafficking, racism, terrorism, and sanctioned public abuse, with no end in sight
• Reject simple and obvious solutions to all of the above

Here is what Frank and George thinks about humanity:

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