Who else has worked with Aynsley Dunbar?

Rock journeyman Aynsley Dunbar has proven himself one of the finest drummers in the business for over twenty years, whether as a member of several bands or as a session musician.

He worked with:

The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation

The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation (1969)
Doctor Dunbar's Prescription (1969)
To Mum, From Aynsley & The Boys (1969)
Remains To Be Heard (1970)

Blue Whale
Blue Whale (1971)

John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers
A Hard Road (1967)
Looking Back (1969)
So Many Roads (1969)
Thru the Years (1971)

Frank Zappa
Chunga's Revenge (1970)
Fillmore East - June 1971 (1971)
200 Motels (1971)
Just Another Band from L.A. (1972)
Waka/Jawaka (1972)
The Grand Wazoo (1972)
Apostrophe (') (1974)
Playground Psychotics (1992)
Joe's Domage (2004)
Carnegie Hall (2011)
Finer Moments (2012)

David Bowie
Pin Ups (1973)
Diamond Dogs (1974)

Lou Reed
Berlin (1973)

Michael Schenker
Adventures of the Imagination (2000)

Mick Ronson
Slaughter on 10th Avenue (1974)
Play Don't Worry (1975)

Nils Lofgren
Nils Lofgren (1975)
Cry Tough (1976)

Ian Hunter
All American Alien Boy (1976)

Paul Kantner
Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra (1983)

Journey (1975)
Look into the Future (1976)
Next (1977)
Infinity (1978)

Sammy Hagar
Nine on a Ten Scale (1976)

Jefferson Starship
Freedom at Point Zero (1979)
Modern Times (1981)
Winds of Change (1982)

Whitesnake (1987)
1987 Versions (1987)

Ronnie Montrose
The Diva Station (1990)

Covenant (2000)
Sharks (2002)

Leslie West
Blues To Die For (2003)

Jake E. Lee
Retraced (2005)

Aynsley Dunbar
Mutiny (2008)

Who else has worked with Aynsley Dunbar? Write in the commetnts!!
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  1. Aynsley was also with Flo and Eddie after they split from Zappa in the early 70's. BIG MISS


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