“A Band That Salutes The Original”-Project/Object

Where on the planet do you start to cover Frank Zappa? He released over 80 albums in 25 years, covering each possible style from rock to doo-wop to classical to jazz. To start a Zappa cover band takes courage, chops, and quite a sense of humor. Fortunately, Project Object is up to the challenge.
Project/Object formed in a New Jersey basement in 1993. Instead of “tribute”, Project/Object prefers “a band that salutes the original” when describing not only what’s grabbed the attention of Zappa fans, but the Zappa alumni themselves. Ed Mann, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Jimmy Carl Black, and Don Preston are only a few alumni who’ve appeared with them on stage. Ike Willis (otherwise known as “Joe” on Joe’s Garage) and Ray White (vocalist/guitarist in Frank’s band from the late-70s to the mid-80s), have also played with Project/Object.

Here is FLORENTINE POGEN by Project/Object:

“A Band That Salutes The Original”-Project/Object  “A Band That Salutes The Original”-Project/Object Reviewed by frank zappa newspaper on 11:54 Rating: 5

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