Frank Zappa-Wonderful Wino

The song Wonderful Wino dates back to the days of The Mothers, when Jeff Simmons played bass, and
once again, it has been recorded several times by many line-ups, but never released until Zoot Allures.

Wonderful Wino

The song apears on next Zappa albums:
Freaks & Motherfuckers as Wino Man - With Dr. John Routine
At The Circus
and on
Lucille Has Messed My Mind (1970 album by Jeff Simmons, produced by Frank Zappa under the pseudonym La Marr Bruister.)

Wonderful Wino have a very interesting chorus and even rhythm, quite simple songs for Zappa music standards. It is not the best Zappa song but amazingly enough to enjoy the tune. Frank understood how to do some very enjoyable conventional songs, which is one more thing which surprises me even more concerning this genius.

Frank eschews singing for his creepy spoken mode with lyrics: "I'm the Slime," and it works in this case; I'm not sure any vocal melody would have been able to properly convey the gross nature of lines like, "I lost control of my body functions, on the road ahead at the ladies front lawn. I'm so ashamed, but I'm a wino man; I can't help myself."

Perhaps not terribly compassionate regarding the drunk and disaffected, but, hell, Frank was no bleeding heart and it outlines the common excuse some people use to escape our predicaments- things that Frank avoided, which may have helped with his superior discipline in making these wonderful albums for us.

And this is the"Wonderful Wino" bit by George Carlin it was on the album released in 1967 called

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