Joe's Camouflage,30 January 2014

Joe's Camouflage ALBUM

The brand new release in the Frank Zappa Corsaga archival collection, Joe's Camouflage, has become available to buy via the Barfko Swill shop on CD . Joe's Camouflage entails in a long line of Corsaga releases set up by archivist Joe Travers that began with 2004's Joe's Corsage.

Right now there aren't many official information on this one as of yet, however the outline on the product page states:

Is it a group?
Is it a band?
Is it real?
Yes, Yes & Yes!
But, Oh Nooooooo! It never toured.

This fine lineup brings with it stuff you’ve never heard before.
Visit and revisit Phyniox. Illinois Enema Bandit.
Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance & Any Downers.
Hold some now.

The overview provides credence to fans's ideas that the release features a sort of the Frank Zappa band that rehearsed in 1975, however never toured. In this particular iteration of FZ's group, he was joined by Napoleon Murphy Brock (keyboards, sax, and vocals), Robert "Frog" Camarena (guitar and vocals), Denny Walley (slide guitar and vocals), Novi Novog (viola and vocals), Roy Estrada (bass and vocals) and Terry Bozzio (drums and vocals).
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