FZ Gives A Neck Massage With Salami

Frank Zappa and Kay Rush 

Who is Kay Rush ?:

Since I am a writer and a journalist, of course I love to read.
Some of my favorite authors are: Fyodor Dostoevsky, Gabriel García
Marquez, John Steinbeck, Victor Hugo, Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allen
Poe, Tennessee Williams, Alessandro Baricco, Philip Roth, Kafka,
and Cormac McCarthy.
As far as movies are concerned, my favorite directors are: Stanley
Kubrick, The Coen Brothers, Akira Kurosawa, Woody Allen, Ang Lee,
and Martin Scorsese.
Music and the music industry have given me a lot. I began working
as a deejay in Italian clubs when I was very young. You can get
more information about my career in the work section of my
Amongst the musicians, composers, and singers that I almost always
enjoy listening to are: Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, India Aire,
Miles Davis, Fabrizio De Andrè, Van Morrison, Aretha Franklin,
Angie Stone, and Notorious B.I.G.. I also love Indian tabla music
and chants, and of course soulful and deep house. 

Have you ever had salami rubbed on your neck before? :)

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  1. Big ups on the Donny Hath...but no not had a salami neck massage nor do I want one. Knockwurst was big in 79 I hear...


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