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Movie Baby Snakes gives you a good view into the music and magic that is Zappa. The film launched in the theaters on December 21, 1979, on home video in 1987 and on DVD in 2003.
This  movie is a cause for celebration, both for long time fans and novices who are just finding FZ - for the latter in particular, who never got the opportunity to experience the Zappa performance spectacle.

It is a concert film (Halloween concert in 1977)with one of FZ's best bands of the 70's with some extremely eye-popping clay animation sequences by animator Bruce Bickford thrown in between.

One very unforgettable line from Frank in discussion with claymation guru Bruce Bickford, goes something like this.... "Why did the monsters end up in the disco?" Bickford: "I don't know, I guess it was for entertainment...." Frank: "You and me Bruce, 100% entertainment all the way". That is what you get from this movie. Entertained for two and a half hours of mesmerizing sequences of music and claymation that will blow your mind.

Terry Bozzio has an excellent minute and a half drum solo that is not on the soundtrack album to this movie but can only be viewed and heard here.

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