"Peaches en Regalia" at ITF Golden Prague

This is Frank Zappa's tune "Peaches en Regalia" presented by Talichova Komorní Filharmonie throughout the 2012 edition of Golden Prague International Television Festival which continues to be the only festival routinely organized, produced and financed by the Czechoslovak and later Czech Television since 1964. Besides the Prix Italia and the Rose d’Or the ITF Golden Prague ranks among the oldest tv festivals on the European area. After a number of variations it is currently being profiled as the world´s most exclusive and prestigious festival presenting the world's best music and dance television sessions and films in all musical genres.

The ITF Golden Prague is on its new journey concentrated more on qualified people. Its 51-st edition will be held in the multifunctional area in the centre of Prague - Archa Theater - October 5-8, 2014.

"Peaches en Regalia" has been included in the "underground" kind of The Real Book, despite appearing compositionally more complex than average jam session tunes. Having a song incorporated in the book has been defined "the ultimate insider credential for a jazz composer".

The song is used as instrumental back-ground sound on the BBC London radio programme handed out by Danny Baker. It was furthermore the theme song for the early 1970s BBC2 show One Man's Week.
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