Zappa Was the Best Supporter of The Monkees

Before MTV arrived in 1981, The Monkees were not just TV's response to the Beatles, they pioneered the idea of rock video to TV with the way the tunes were factored into every show. They were also part of a chase scene or a concert scene. In any means, the sitcoms was probably the most innovative and avant-garde shows of the mid 60s with improvisational humor.

The Monkees were the supreme revolutionary pop group on earth in 1966. Each week, they'd enter any living room,make you laugh for half an hour and perform you two songs from their current LP. A TV show that was basically bit more than a half hour ad to promote records. An excellent method considering the achievements of MTV decades later.

It's hard to overlook exactly how big they were at their best. At one point (in 1967), the Monkees in fact outsold the Beatles and the Rolling Stones combined.

Mike Nesmith with FZ

Frank made not only one, but two onscreen appearances with the Monkees. First in the episode "The Monkees Blow Their Minds" (air date: March 11, 1968).
There he appears in a sketch were Monkee Mike Nesmith interviews him. Zappa requests Nesmith if he can be "Mike Nesmith", Nesmith agrees but only on the condition that he can be Zappa. (which certainly foreshadowed Ringo’s mark of Zappa in 200 Motels) bthen they killed a car with a sledge hammer to the song of “Mother People” and second he made a cameo appearance in the film Head (1968), coupled with a chatting cow.Frank himself was the best supporter of The Monkees. “When people hated us more than anything, he said kind aspects of us,” Nesmith recalled in Barry Miles’ Zappa biography. Zappa attempted to instruct Nesmith how to play lead guitar, and provided drummer Micky Dolenz a post Monkees gig with The Mothers of Invention.
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