First FZ´s Guitar was An archtop Acoustic

The very first FZ´s guitar was an archtop acoustic one; bought in audition by his brother Bobby for $1.50.

FZ:"It didn't have a make on it – it had been kinda sandblasted! My brother got it for $1.50 at an auction and it was an archtop, f-hole, ugly motherfKCOer with the strings about a half-inch off the fingerboard. I liked it because it was so tinny-sounding. It was just an acoustic guitar, but it was moving closer to that wiry tone I liked with Johnny Guitar Watson, especially if you picked it right next to the bridge."
It is Johnny Guitar Watson....

The first purpose behind creating the archtop guitar was high-quality acoustic performance. Around the turn of the 20th century archtops were being developed simply because guitar players anxiously needed a thing that would be loud and punchy enough to cut through huge ensembles with no kind of amplification.

..And because of industrial revolution, hundred years earlier…

Orville Gibson all alone created the archtop guitar in the 1890s, working in his back-room shop in Kalamazoo, Michigan, patterning it on current archtop instruments for example the cello, mandocello, and violin….What?. Mandocello.?..... It has eight strings in 4 paired courses, tuned in fifths similar to a mandolin, but is larger, and tuned CC-GG-dd-aa (low to high in pitch). Just like other instruments in the mandolin family the mandocello originated in Europe and when discussing about mondocellos you may also experience F Style Mandocellos….Several designers of flat-top guitars were already working in the U.S. Like C.F. Martin and Washburn perhaps ……you are welcome!.

Later in 1922, Lloyd Loar was hired by the Gibson Company to redesign their instrument line in order to counter flagging sales, and in that same year the Gibson L5 came out to his design. The L5 introduced boasting improvements including harmonically-tuned carved tops, tuned X-braces and necks with longer playable portions of the fingerboard. Although the new intrument models flopped commercially and Loar left Gibson in just a couple of years….I need a sandwich..!

archtop acoustic

In 1951, once again Gibson released an L5 with a pair of electric pickups, equally playable as either an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar. This new technology was right away popular, and while purely acoustic archtop guitars such as the Gibson L-7C remain available to this day.


Now usually, an archtop guitar has an arched top and back, not flat, moveable adjustable bridge, F-holes much like members of the violin family, Rear mounted tailpiece, stoptail bridge or Bigsby tremolo and 14th-fret neck join….. Which day is today??

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