One Size Fits All is an album release by American experimental rock artist Frank Zappa. The album was released in June 1975 by DiscReet Records. One Size Fits All became available under Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention monicker and features one of his most loved and respected lineups. The core
lineup for this album consists of Frank Zappa on vocals and guitar, George Duke on keyboards, vocals, backing vocals and synthesizer, Ruth Underwood on marimba, vibraphone and various percussion, Chester Thompson on drums, sound effects and voices, Tom Fowler on bass guitar and Napoleon Murphy Brock on tenor saxophone, vocals, backing vocals and flute. Add to that guest appearances by Zappa´s old r´n´b/ blues hero Johnny "Guitar" Watson on vocals, James "Bird Legs" Youman on bass guitar and Captain Beefheart (credited as 'Bloodshot Rollin' Red') on harmonica.

The album opens with Inca Roads, a cool and complex fusion song, where George Duke gets to sing Zappa's lyrics about extraterrestrials visiting the planet (with a lot of in jokes intertwining - but they pepper the entire album). The tune also contains of of Frank's greatest guitar solos. Can't Afford No Shoes is the most straightforward song on the album, but has enough Zappaisms to keep it fun. Sofa No. 1 is a playfully pompous classical-styled piece, that was previously played on tour in the Flo & Eddie years. It appears much better here, even the No. 2 version, with lyrics, that closes the album.

Po-Jama People is how Frank did the blues. And Florentine Pogen (named after a cookie), is a slow dirge-like song, full of jokes and puns, and Chester Thompson's gorilla. Evelyn, A Modified Dog has Zappa singing haughty lyric about said dog over sone Duke keyboard work. San Ber'dino is yet another fine rocker.

Andy is the most striking prog number on the album. This song features odd syncopation, cool time changes, and extremely difficult instrument parts, as well as more funny lyrics.

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  1. Sweet ! This would be the Zappa album I listen to most often...besides the songs , the production is great. Still stands up today, specially on vinyl


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