DISCOGRAPHY-Fillmore East – June 1971

This record emphasizes the most noteworthy tendencies of the Mothers from the late 60's/ early 70's, such as blue vaudeville dialogue, heavily amplified/maximum distortion guitar, Stravinskyesque harmonic and rhythmic development, and heavy rock and roll improvisations.
This album, the first official live recording from Frank Zappa is a mixed bag. There is some great music, like Little House I Used To Live In, and Lonesome Electric Turkey, and you can find long stretches of comedy with some music thrown in.
The album begins with "Little House I Used to Live In", a vastly truncated version of the original on Burnt Weeny Sandwich. There's some outstanding guitar and keyboard work here. "The Mud Shark" targets spoken-word storytelling backed by a vocal mantra. This is a hilarious track, and is one of my favorites here. "What Kind of Girl Do You Think We Are?" continues with the vocal/spoken-word performances, with bluesy organ in the background. "Bwana Dik" moves along in the same vein; this is one of the funniest tracks here. "Latex Solar Beef" is another one of my preferred on the album. It has a heavy blues vibe and the "Talkin' 'bout?" chorus is classic. "Willie the Pimp, Pt. 1& 2" reprises previous themes and introduces a slowed-down type of the original "Pimp" riff along with a short guitar solo. "Do You Like My New Car?" is almost completely a skit. It's interesting, but the music seems to have been put on the backburner here. "Happy Together" is a fairly uninteresting cover of the Turtles song. "Lonesome Electric Turkey" is a short, but extremely fun, Minimoog solo. A stripped-down version of "Peaches in Regalia" follows, and the straightforward "Tears Began to Fall" concludes the album.
Not the entire concert, but a terrific taste of a very raunchy, very funny, and very good show. So many people have missed the boat, to not even be aware of those days.

Track listing:
Side one
1. "Little House I Used to Live In"  
2. "The Mud Shark"  
3. "What Kind of Girl Do You Think We Are?"  
4. "Bwana Dik"  
5. "Latex Solar Beef"  
6. "Willie the Pimp, Part One"  
Side two
7. "Willie the Pimp, Part Two"  
8. "Do You Like My New Car?"  
9. "Happy Together"      (Garry Bonner, Alan Gordon )
10. "Lonesome Electric Turkey (encore excerpt featuring Don Preston on Minimoog)"  
11. "Peaches en Regalia"  
12. "Tears Began to Fall"

Frank Zappa – guitar, dialogue, vocals
Aynsley Dunbar – drums
Ian Underwood – woodwinds, keyboards, vocals
Howard Kaylan – lead vocals, dialogue
Jim Pons – bass, vocals, dialogue
Bob Harris - keyboards, vocals
Mark Volman – lead vocals, dialogue
Don Preston – Mini-Moog
DISCOGRAPHY-Fillmore East – June 1971 DISCOGRAPHY-Fillmore East – June 1971 Reviewed by frank zappa newspaper on 06:08 Rating: 5

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