Muffin Man

Muffin Man 
This is certainly one of the most lovable Zappa compositions in the shape of the superb 'Muffin Man', crazy track that incorporates all the tradename Zappa ingredients to amazing effect. Backed-up by Beefhearts croaky presence.

I would certainly recommend this one for anyone searching for great Zappa solos. "Muffin Man", is one of Zappa's best ever.

The intro is a studio recording where "anthemic" "Muffin Man" throws in pseudo-vaudevillian keyboard lines (played by Paolo Lotti ) under a fascinatingly bizarre Zappa monologue about the greatness of muffins and Muffin Man that works at the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen. ("...nothing so exalted on the face of God's grey earth as that prince of foods... The Muffin!!!") while the rest of the song is a great grumbling riff augmented by some more great, great guitar lines from the concert in Austin.
The live tracks bring in new drummer Terry Bozzio, Bruce Fowler on trombone, Napoleon Murphy Brock on tenor sax and lead vocals, Tom Fowler on bass,  Denny Walley on slide,  George Duke on keyboards,  Captain Beefheart on vocals and soprano sax and madness.

The song was inspired by the traditional nursery rhyme, TheMuffin Man.

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