Lisa Simpson Plays Zappa

Matt Groening is a real zappa enthusiast, this is more or less recognized.Matt was a guest at zappa's home during the recent years of his life (zappa would have gettogethers on free evening and invite all kinds of music artists  writers and what have you to hang out, drink, jam, whatever).
While mr.G was thinking about the theme music for the show he gave danny elfman a tape of a burma shave commercial that Zappa had created in the late 50's early 60's and stated i need something which sounds like this!!!! Also there are suposedly certain zappa album covers in the backgrounds of groenings old comic strip "life in hell"

Matt Groening about Zappa

There is a banner over a museum exhibit that says  " fathers of invention" but it has some grafiti kind writing that says "and mothers"

      Lisas surfing saxophone

And here Lisa Simpson plays certain notes of the zappa song"King Kong":

Simpsons Bible Stories - season 10
Lisa the Tree Hugger - season 12
The Computer Wore Menace Shoes - season 12
Skinner's Sense of Snow - season 12

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