Marc Maron and Moon Zappa

In this interview Marc Maron rekindles his old friendship with Moon Zappa, the actress-writer-comedian and daughter of Frank Zappa, who has a lot to reflect on with Marc as they both enter similar times in their lives. Also, Daniel Nazer of the Electronic Frontier Foundation gets on the phone to update everybody on the most recent news concerning the battle to save podcasting from patent trolls.

Marc Maron and  Moon Zappa

Maron has just broken up with Moon Zappa, after dating for about five months. His take today is noticeably different than the relationships he explains from his past:
"People were excited about the possibilities of us, and I was too. It's just interesting when you're a grown person (he's 50, she's 46) and even if it seems like it should all be right, some things aren't quite right. Your lives are not going to work out the way you want them to. And usually, I think we both would have stayed in it for years until we did some damage. But it's still sad and it's still fresh."

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