Rock United Radio Show with FZ

Rock United Radio Show

On Zappa Radio from Live365 they're playing an hour long track ("Rock United Radio Show") that to this point has been Zappa discussing "I Was A Teenage Malt Shop" with many different songs from Mystery Disc, along with a crazy original type of "Status Back Baby". Most significantly is extensive narration relating to the places and occasions by FZ himself. Throughout the intro, the Lumpy Money sample was presented and Moon said a few words regarding the program, how it was found in the vault and they can't be sure exactly what FZ meant to do with this.

Next were certain rehersals of "choral" gestures  as heard on Weasels Ripped My Flesh album and then a version of "Pound for ABrown" from The Factory, with FZ talking about the MOI schema for improvisation that in the future result in such pieces as "Scumbag," which ensued with a discussion of John & Yoko's edits, etc. Final was a version of Cosmik Debris from the Petit Wazoo tour on 11/11/72  with horns  and alternate lyrics.

Other things FZ Explains...

Snippet / Ronnie Sings?
The Birth of Captain Beefheart
I Was a Teenage Maltshop
Status Back Baby (unreleased)
Metal Man Has Won His Wings
Power Trio Segment from Saints 'N Sinner
Bossa Nova Pervertamento
Original Mothers at the Fillmore West (Bill Graham)
Plastic People
"Textures & Spacial Placement" (unreleased)
Pound for a Brown (unreleased)
Scumbag from Playground Psychotics,
FZ /Mothers (John Lennon and Yoko Ono, guests)
Cosmik Debris (unreleased)

The rest of the hour was filled with Moon, Ahmet, and the Dweezil  discussing the following tracks:

Willie the Pimp
Don't Eat the Yellow Snow
Montana (Dub Room version)
St. Alphonzo
Peaches en Regalia
Put a Motor in Yourself
G-Spot Tornado (Yellow Shark version)
Sofa #1

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