Ray Collins hired Zappa

Ray Collins met Zappa in 1961 after noticing him perform at the Sportsman Tavern in his local Pomona. Collins is mainly responsible for hiring Zappa in 1964 to handle guitar for his bar band the "Soul Giants", a group that involved Jimmy Carl Black and Roy Estrada. FZ joined the band after his arrest on pornography charges .Zappa insisted that the band perform unique material, switching their name to "The Mothers".

Zappa joined the group after Collins fired the guitarist Ray Hunt. How the firing really went down, though, is the topic of some hypothesis: Zappa stated in one interview that Collins "punched his lights out." Collins, however, recalled it in another way, with no punching involved.

Record producer Tom Wilson signed the group to Verve Records and at the point debut album "Freak Out!" shown up in 1966 the band added "of Invention" to their name and Zappa had turn into the creative leader.

The addition of Zappa influenced the group. The guitarist motivated the group to perform original material (often his own), Collins sang lead on the Mothers of Invention's first record, Freak Out! (1966- avant-garde classic, a double set which includes the single "Who Are the Brain Police?" along with "Hungry Freaks, Daddy" and the 12-minute "The Return of the Son of Monster Magnet."), along with its follow-up Absolutely Free (1967). He quit the band after that album.

In a 2009 interview with The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, Collins stated he'd grown tired of Zappa's focus on satire:

"Too much comedy, too much making fun of stuff, I just wanted to make beautiful music. I was raised on Johnny Mathis and Nat King Cole." Even so, Collins presented vocal and minor percussion for his former band mate a number of more times, including:

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