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"Roxy & Elsewhere" is the Mothers' third live album introduce, which is way more successful than its predecessors "Live at the Fillmore East" and "Just Another Band From L.A.". Orginally launched as double album from live performances in 1973 and 74.

Roxy & Elsewhere

Material from the Roxy shows were partially overdubbed. The other tracks came from the second show on Mothers Day 1974 in the Chicago Auditorium Theatre and the May 8th Show in Edinboro State College in 1974.

There is, obviously, all comedy you expect from a Zappa recording. Frank interacts with the audience so you not only have entertaining song lyrics but there is also banter that is comparable to a stand up comic. There ultimate being Bebop Tango, with it's terrific crowd involvement and, as the jazz/noise climax comes near, the band busts into a bouncy blues staple. Whether it was done live or spliced in the studio, it's still a side-splitting moment.

One of Zappa's most wonderful albums: a magnificent mixture of jazz-rock, operatic prog and a thing that can only be named 'Zappa-esque cabaret'.

As jazz-rock, this is superb, the most effective efforts in the style, with sophisticated group playing and many top quality solos by George Duke (on keyboards), Don Preston (on synthesizer), Zappa himself (on electric guitar), Chester Thompson (on drums) and particularly Ruth Underwood (on vibes).

Other musicians:

Jeff Simmons – rhythm guitar, vocals
Napoleon Murphy Brock – flute, tenor saxophone, vocals
Bruce Fowler – trombone, dancer
Walt Fowler – trumpet, bass trumpet
Tom Fowler – bass guitar
Ralph Humphrey – drums
Robert "Frog" Camarena – backing vocals on "Cheepnis"
Debbie – backing vocals on "Cheepnis"
Lynn – backing vocals on "Cheepnis"
Ruben Ladron de Guevara – backing vocals on "Cheepnis"

The sudden quits and starts, entertaining tempo changes and manic virtuosity ….have to be heard to be considered. And the great news is the playing never grates on the ear.

Most of the disc was recorded using 16-track equipment, a rarity for 1973. It appears like you're in a small-club, in the third-row, center.


Side one

1. "Penguin in Bondage" 6:48
2. "Pygmy Twylyte" 2:13
3. "Dummy Up" (Brock, Simmons, and Zappa) 6:02

 Side two

4. "Village of the Sun" 4:17
5. "Echidna's Arf (Of You)" 3:52
6. "Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?" 9:40

Side three

7. "Cheepnis" 6:33
8. "Son of Orange County" 5:53
9. "More Trouble Every Day" 6:00

Side four

10. "Be-Bop Tango (Of the Old Jazzmen's Church)"

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